Sanjai Agarwal

Vice President, Software Engineering

Sanjai Agarwal brings more than 25 years of technology development and management experience to ITC. Sanjai is currently the Vice President of Software Engineering for ITC overseeing the company’s software development operations.

Prior to joining ITC, Sanjai has led the development of various DOD project including Radar Surveillance systems for Texas Instruments and ELINT/COMINT systems for BTG Inc (now L-3 Communications). He has also worked on commercial applications including an Integration platform for one of the first B2B startups, webMethods. Sanjai’s technical experience spans evolutions of technology over more than 25 years including mainframes to AWS, Fortran to Java/J2EE, and standalone desktop to complex enterprise level distributed applications.

Sanjai has a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.