MDA’s TEAMS Warfighter Integration Contract Awarded to Parsons/ITC Defense

ITC Administrator (April 04, 2016)

Fort Belvoir, VA (April 4, 2016) The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has recently awarded the Technical, Engineering, Advisory, and Management Support (TEAMS) Warfighter Integration contract to Parsons Government Services Inc., Pasadena, California (HQ0147-16-C-0030). ITC Defense is proud to continue supporting an effort covering all phases of engineering advisory services for multiple missile defense program offices. This contract will be performed in Arizona, Alabama, Virginia, California, Colorado, and Alaska.

The Warfighter Integration contract supports MDA’s goal of definition, planning, deployment, lifecycle management, operations support, readiness, situational awareness and transition of MDA-developed capabilities to the military services for employment in support of Combatant Commander (CCMD) priorities. The contract’s period of performance includes a 3 year base and one 2 year option through June 2021.

ITC Defense provides a broad level of logistical and operational support, including facilitating day-to-day to operations of the Warfighter Directorate at Ft. Belvoir. ITC analysts also monitor real-time information that concerns the BDMS daily operation, communicating findings to MDA senior leadership. Throughout the contract, ITC will draw on its in-depth knowledge and experience in the Defense Industry to evaluate global challenges facing the MDA and BMDS elements.

“Warfighter Integration support is crucial to the U.S.’s ability to accurately track and respond to threats facing us and our allies in a quick and decisive manner,” said Michael Cast, ITC’s President. “ITC values the opportunity to continue supporting this integral element of the BMDS and looks forward to furthering its relationship with Parsons and the MDA.”



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