Cybersecurity and information technology is embedded in every program we support. We believe that cybersecurity policies and IT infrastructure should enhance, rather than distract from, mission performance.

We help to design the right IT strategy that will support service delivery excellence, ranging from data consolidation to network security, mobility and interoperability testing. Our flexible, hardware-neutral approach enables us to architect an IT solution that will enable you to meet your objectives, while getting the most value out of your budget.

Our certified cybersecurity personnel are focused on their customer’s systems; mitigating security flaws, monitoring testing and troubleshooting to implement controls within their operational systems. In addition to cybersecurity architecture, design and operations, ITC capability highlights include:

  • Risk Management Framework
  • System administration
  • Interoperability testing
  • Data management
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud solution optimization
  • Architecture, Design, Deployment and Testing
  • Cyber assessments

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