At ITC Defense Corp, our radar analysts have expertise that covers not only the assessment of different systems, but in identifying emerging technologies and proposing technology maturation strategies to deliver improvements within the timescale of programs for our customers.  Our radar analysts are versed in disciplines that include radar range equations, theories of target detection, targets and interference, radar antennas, waveforms and signal processing, radar propagation, range and Doppler measurement, acquisition and target problems for tracking radar, and radar error analysis.

ITC’s radar analysts have executive-level skills with demonstrated ability to anticipate customer requirements and needs.  They work with senior-level leaders and support personnel to respond to, plan for, and meet quick-response requests and facilitate execution of requests with higher organizational elements.  Our analysts consistently produce exceptional results while working independently with little supervision.  ITC’s radar analysts always respond to routine and high-priority customer requests in a timely, efficient, and friendly fashion and maintain smooth working relationships with individuals and groups at various levels of authority and responsibility within and outside the organization.

ITC’s radar analysts have the skills to organize large quantities of diverse data into concise and useful information, are proficient in oral and written communications and have demonstrated abilities to prepare and present briefings to leadership, report technical information to peers and executive managers and manage multiple tasks independently in a fast-paced, high stress environment.

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